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Here you can find the complete guide on how to switch between LCD to Eye View in How to Switch Between Lcd to Eyeview in Nikon6. You can switch options and layouts according to your needs. The setting of the Z series which incorporates Z7 and Z6, allows you to organize your pictures in a systematic way so that it is easier for you if you are looking for something specific.

A camera can be set differently according to your photo shoot. If you want to switch from photos to videos you can easily change the view setting. To set up a camera depends on what and how you want to shoot. I think you might switch to 10 to 20 different controls, you might use HDR for photoshoots


A camera is an expensive, complex and hard-to-learn tool. It can be tricky to set up the perfect picture or video when you are a beginner. But with a few tricks and tips, you can learn how to use a camera like a pro!

This article (How to Switch Between Lcd to Eyeview in Nikon6) will be focusing on all aspects of flash photography, including the flash mode and compensation setting. You can change many other features too, Let’s begin to learn great Big things today.

Adjust the I button

You can customize many of the options that appear in a menu under I by following the simple steps in “Custom Settings Controls”. Once you are done click on the menu’s “Done” button to apply your changes.

Customize I button:

With this setting, you can change from LCD to EyeView and set up the camera for both of these screens. You can also customize what you see by pressing the I button! When all the features are set up, it wil be much easier to use your camera and take great pictures with it.

Adjust Function Buttons and other option Buttons

You can customize your function by going to “Custom Setup” then selecting “F2 Custom Control.” Select “fn1” or “fn2” to apply your changes, then save it after that. You can adjust Movie Mode settings via Custom Settings by clicking on ‘g2 Custom Control Mapping’. These buttons here control AF-ON, LCD to eye view in nikon6. You should use the Fn1 and Fn2 sub select function to center. For all that matters, go into movie recording mode and everything should work over there!. Press the main “Done” button on the menu to save your changes and exit.

Adjust the control Ring on Nikkor Z lenses

Nikkon lenses have control rings which are meant to change the focus. It can also control the exposure or aperture compensation if you adjust the controls to these things.

Adjust the “OK” button

To change the focus mode in Nikon 6, you can try accessing the “F3” option under the Custom Setting to set the “OK” button. You can alter this button to be active in movie mode as well by using this setting..By adjusting this custom setting, you can change the way certain settings appear on your camera which should help make it easier to use.

Located on the left are User 1, User 2, and User 3 buttons and a video record button. A control ring is attached to the lens on the camera shown in the zoom range marking of NIKKOR Z lens.

User Setting in Nikon6

The Z series camera offers several presets to help different user tastes. The available settings are accessed through the model dial on the camera. This is a great way to save and store important parameters for future use.But your cameras setting would differ slightly between shooting in landscape vs. portrait mode, and this is something you need to be aware of. Setting up your camera properly can make all the difference when taking high quality photos.

The app is equipped with different modes which you can set as the focal point for the change you want to make. For example, the shooting mode is for adjusting your device’s camera settings, such as flash mode and aperture. If you don’t know how to configure it just go to user setting, resetting it will help create a fresh start. You can select the User setting and then highlight saved to U1, U2, and U3 settings. Please also read your user manual because some items from the settings will be saved and others will not.

If you want to take professional-looking photographs, then you need a camera that can produce a variety of effects. Sony’s newest line has modes and seasons and produces images with high quality. Below are some tips for adjusting your camera.

Nikon Product Manager and Frequent L+E Contributor

In the I menu you can choose from a variety of settings for your still images. In Picture control, you can set the focus mode, AF area mode and Silent photography options. For Photo shooting modes, there’s Peaking highlight and auto bracketing. It also includes some more advanced options like Choose Image Area, Electronic Front Curtain and VR.

The menu will be as follows: Image Control, Frame Rate Size, Choose image area, VR, Electron VR, White Balance, Microphone Sensitivity, Outline

Think of the left-hand side dial as a manual focus ring and the right as AF area mode settings. You’ll need to use the Fn2 button in the menu for group flash options. The I button does not need any customisation because it has its own input terminal in EVF

The focus should be set manually when using a NIKKOR Z lens. There are three buttons on the side of the front ring dial: Fn1, Fn2 and AF-ON. The NIKKOR Z lenses feature “MY MENU”, map preview and large 100% modes, which can all be accessed by pressing these buttons. Clicking pictures is now much easier. With the advancement of smartphones, it has become easier for people to take their own personal photos. Now with only holding your camera and taking the shot, you can check the photo’s focus before you hit the shutter button.

Nikon Product Lens ( How to Switch Between Lcd to Eyeview in Nikon6 )

The best lens for vlogging, the latest Nintendo Switch games, and the difference between LCD and eyeview: answered by your go-to camera expert. When shooting a wedding, make sure to configure the camera for user’s specifications, such as the couple’s preferences.

It’s close to the manual when you are under pressure and you want some changes to the shutter speed and white balance in that case Affinity priority settings are f/4, matrix metering the auto white balance with a shutter speed of 1/200 second.

Now turn it into M mode and configure the functions according to your preferences. For example, you want to shoot video in 720p quality with standard color and auto-exposure.

1: Go to the “ Movie Menu “ option: Frame Size, Frame Rate – 1920 X 1080

2: Always ensure that the picture Control is set to be on Standard

3: If you are not sure about your exposure then you can use auto ISO mode. It will help in your shutter speed and aperture

4: A white balance should be adjusted according to your need 

5: Always Focus the camera using AF-F mode

6: You would require to change the “AF area mode” to “ Auto AF” 

7: Now you would have to activate the vibration reduction feature 

8: Now set the microphone sensitivity auto or manual according to your desire 

9: You can set double frame rate 1/60 and f/4 in setting 

10: Now open the setup menu and then click on “ Save User Setting” 

So all above information is to make it easy how to switch between lcd to eyeview in nikon6.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Switch to the Viewfinder?

The default viewfinder mode is accessed by pressing the Finder/Monitor button on your camera. If the black display remains on viewclear mode, please check and ensure that there is nothing obstructing the lens of your camera.

What is a viewfinder?

Macro mode is a feature of the camera that shows what you will be capturing. Popular in conjunction with range finders, it helps you plan your shot out.

Can I use Live View or Viewfinder?

You can use live mode to set up shoots beforehand, which will give you a better picture of the scenery. This is good if your camera has an autofocus system that’s balanced. Live view allows you to see things much more clearly than using your device’s screen, so it’s great for setting up a shoot when the focus is balanced.


With the different modes we discuss, you will easily switch between them when you are on video shoot and just turn on the daily mode U1, U2, and U3 so that all of the video setting is complete. When you are using any of these modes make sure to save your changes. If you are fixing any of these to the U setting, make sure that they’re protected in the setup menu.

In your video shoots, you can use a variety of styles to control how images are captured. The camera has a lot of controls that can be used together to capture amazing slow motion scenes, as well as sharp angles. Glad you enjoyed the article. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions about how to change from LCD to EVF in Nikon 6.

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