March 30, 2023
Who the Player that Cant Level up 76 ?

Who the Player that Cant Level up 76 ?

How to level up

The article will discuss (Who the Player that Cant Level up 76 ? ) about the ways to level up, and how to level up quickly and leveling up fast.

There are many ways to level up a character, but most of them require a lot of time. The quickest way is to use the in-game currency called “gems.” With gems, players can purchase items that will help them level up faster. However, this is not the best idea because it is expensive and can take a long time before they get the desired result.

The Top 10 Tips for New Players

The game has been around for a while and the number of new players has increased. This article will give you some tips to help you get ahead of the competition.

1. Learn the basics: The game is simple to learn but it can be hard to master. If you’re a new player, start by learning the basics and then move on to more advanced tactics.

2. Plan your moves carefully: Your strategy should be well-planned before you make any moves in order to maximize your chances of winning this game.

3. Keep an eye on the other players: It’s important that you keep an eye on what your opponents are doing so that you can take advantage of their mistakes and block their progress if they’re getting too close to victory.

4. Be consistent with your moves: You need to have a consistent strategy in order for it to be effective, so make sure that all of your moves are well thought out beforehand so that they’ll work

How To Become The Best Player in Your Game

The Player that Cant Level up ch 76

Who the Player that Cant Level up 76 ?
Who the Player that Cant Level up 76 ?

Sun-Pil and Dong-Hae looked at each other in shock as Han Solo walked up to the Iron Guild and accepted their challenge.

Gi-Gyu nodded, “You can still say no. The battle has already begun so you need to leave right now if you want to survive this.” Gate break alarms were blaring, heralding the start of the battle and unfortunately the evacuation hadn’t been completed thanks to Road. But even if the Iron Guild’s members would be unable to save them, the fact remains that they would get evacuated and able to leave this island.

Once all innocents were out, the barrier around the city would be completed. Then, Gi-Gyu would give them hell.

One of the representatives, Dong-Hae, showed his serious determination first. He said, “I will stay here with you. I am willing to die for this cause.” After that, Sun-Pil also declared their resolve and said, “Me too. I want to be of help to you as well.” from what he seemed like, it seemed to me that he was a little upset that he was not the one to answer Gi-Gyu.

As Gi-Gyu looked at both players, he grinned. Sung-Hoon, who was on his phone, announced, “The Iron Guild asked the Korean association to let them help with the gate break.”

Gi-Gyu responded, “So Rogers agreed to help with the gate break? Everything seems to be going well then.”

“The association asked all of the other Korean guilds nearby to evacuate– two said that they would help, but when it became clear that we were taking responsibility for it, they backed down. So far around 80% of the civilians have been evacuated.” Sung-Hoon explained

Gi-Gyu nodded and began walking. Now that the alarm had been triggered, it was time to move. With only Sun-Pil, Dong-Hae, and Sung-Hoon around him, Gi-Gyu awkwardly scratched his cheek before muttering “open.”




“…!” Dong-Hae gasped in shock.

“T-this is insane!” Sun-Pil exclaimed.

“I-I had no idea this was possible…!” Sung-Hoon murmured with eyes as wide as saucers.

The three players couldn’t hide their surprise when they saw the gate with its quivering blue light. Seconds later a neatly arranged militia of undead came out.

“How are these skeleton monsters this strong…?!” Sun-Pil gaped as he felt the monsters’ aura.

“How’s that the big news? Didn’t you see Player Kim Gi-Gyu open a gate and summon all these undead?” Dong-Hae shouted in disbelief. While these players gaped, an endless line of skeletons left the gate, followed by a headless knight and a lich.




The headless knight and the lich knelt before Gi-Gyu respectfully. The lich spoke in an eerie voice and said, “Greetings to the Grandmaster!”

Gi-Gyu looked at the two monsters emotionlessly and ordered, “Protect the areas I told you about. And kill everyone from the Iron Guild. They will be in their steel armor.”


Two figures rose and bowed to the speaker. “Your wish is our command.”

The Player that Can’t level up Chapter 76

the player that cant level up chapter 76

“Oh, but leave Rogers Han alone” – Gi-Gyu stretched his arms and neck side to side – “He’s mine.” Gi-Gyu smiled widely; his white teeth shone quite brightly amid the ever increasing army of the undead.

“It’s going to rain.” When Tae-Gu muttered, Tae-Shik raised his eyebrows incredulously and responded, “What are you talking about now, old man?”

Tae-Gu and Tae-Shik were standing on the roof of a tall building. It was from this vantage point that they had a panoramic view of the city. The Iron Guild branch headquarters is located in Yeoksam Dong, which is just north of Gangnam.When I ventured here and visited this area, the entire region had been taken over by their association. There was no one else allowed to enter or exit without their permission.

As everyone started evacuating, the remaining 20% or so un-evacuated residents ran out screaming. This area had so many large Korean guilds, and the KPA was also close by. So, we managed to get them out quickly before the undead horde arrived.

“It’s happening,” Tae-Gu murmured. He and Tae-Shik both understood the monsters were near. “He explained it to me, but I still can’t believe it.”

They both could see and hear the undead militia nearing their position, and it was unlike anything they were used to. They marched in unison rather than destroy everything on the way, making them like an army of perfect infantry.

Tae-Shik crouched down on the ground, lit his cigarette, and narrowed his eyes. “Hmm, the Cain Guild will start moving after the evacuation is complete.”

“Are you sure he is the one?” Tae-Gu asked, looking over at Tae-Shik who was blowing smoke. “What do you mean?” Tae-Shik replied, shrugging casually.

“That boy.” Tae-Gu, watching the dark clouds approaching the city, corrected himself. “I’m talking about that blue-haired child from before. I was asking if you thought something might happen to him.”

Upon request, Tae-Shik stomped on his cigarette and replied, “I don’t know; I don’t care. I just want him to be happy.”

As the civilians’ auras at Yeoksam Dong gradually disappeared, Tae-Gu and Tae-Shik watched the city in silence.


Before long, the streets were filled with screams, battle cries, and the sounds of weapons clashing with each other.

Drop, drop.

The weather is getting worse and there’s a fog that seems to be ever increasing in Yeoksam, which isn’t a great sign, since it means the area will be all but sealed off. The skies have even been giving us dark clouds, which really projects a sense of mourning for all those who are about to die today.

“If that child loses control and interferes with our plan, I will have no choice but to get involved. I’ll need to take care of him, so…” Tae-Gu trailed off. One didn’t want to complete the thought; the other didn’t want to hear it.

Raising his cell phone, Tae-Shik made a call. He ordered quietly, “From now on, block all players and non-players, regardless of whether they are alive or dead”

Drop, drop, drop…

Drop, drop, drop, drop…


The heavy rain blurred everyone’s vision. Tae-Shik whispered, “It’s time to honor the Grigory.”

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