March 30, 2023
Mobile Expandable Hospital

Mobile Expandable Hospital

What is a Mobile Expandable Hospital?

A mobile expandable hospital is a temporary hospital that is easy to transport and set up.

It provides the same level of care as a permanent hospital.

The mobile expandable hospitals are used in areas with a high population density, for example, refugee camps or war zones.

They can be set up in as little as two hours by a small team of medical professionals and volunteers.

The Benefits of Mobile Hospitals

Mobile Expandable Hospital
Mobile Expandable Hospital

Mobile hospitals are a relatively new trend in healthcare. They are designed to offer healthcare services to people in areas that lack access to traditional medical facilities. Mobile hospitals can be used for a variety of purposes, including providing medical care for disaster victims, delivering care in rural areas, and providing medical services during natural disasters.

The benefits of mobile hospitals include increased access to healthcare services and reduced wait times. These benefits are especially beneficial for those living in rural areas who lack access to traditional hospital facilities.

How Technology is Changing Healthcare

The healthcare industry is changing at a rapid pace, and it’s not just because of the advancements in technology. The changes are happening because of the shift in how we see healthcare and how people interact with their doctors. In the past, patients would see their doctor, who would then prescribe a course of treatment, but now patients are taking an active role in their own care.

Hospitals have been using tech to improve patient care for years now. From electronic medical records to telemedicine, hospitals have been looking for ways to use technology to make sure that they’re meeting the needs of their patients and providing them with high-quality care.

This section will explore how technology is changing healthcare as well as what hospitals are doing to stay up-to-date with advancements in this field.

Key Features

Mobile Expandable Hospital
Mobile Expandable Hospital

Our mobile medical systems allow for easy operation, great reliability and help to eliminate the need for any expensive repairs. They are also designed with safety in mind and come equipped with a number of features that are sure to enhance your operations. The inside unit should always be kept at a steady, secure temperature by plugging it in – if necessary – wherever it may be stationed and in any circumstance. This will help prevent the need for costly maintenance and assuring precise functioning.

Expandable trailers can serve either one or two purposes. They can depend on whether they are used as medical transportation units or something else. We offer you fully customizable options depending on your needs, so please contact us today! It can do various medical and surgical procedures can serve as a building unit for mobile field hospitals or PHCC, OR, for ICU or CT etc. Depending on the type of requirement it could be standalone or supporting an existing hospital.

Units come with a variety of amenities, such as generators, air-conditioning/heating systems, water supply and full medical equipment.


Strong and durable, the pod’s body is made of a sandwich construction. This type of construction is also used in the aircraft industries. The span widths of this design makes it suitable for all types of builds.

Hydraulic System

For the big extension of the sidewalls there will be mounted a full hydraulic system, the system is divided in 3 parts:

Support of the semi trailer chassis to the ground.

Extension on the right and left.

Operations of the floor flaps in the slide out.


The Future of Healthcare with Expanded Mobile Hospitals

The future of healthcare is here. Mobile hospitals will be the key to provide better healthcare services to people in remote areas. These mobile hospitals will be equipped with all the necessary equipment for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Mobile hospitals are not just about providing better healthcare services but also about reducing the cost of healthcare. The cost of running a hospital is high because it requires a lot of space, staff, and equipment that are not needed in a mobile hospital.

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