March 30, 2023
What is

Security breach warning on smartphone screen, device infected by internet virus or malware after cyberattack by hacker, fraud alert with red padlock icon Online hackers and criminals try to steal sensitive data, personal information or money by trying to gain unauthorized access to a network or devices.

What is ? is one of the most recent browser hijackers to infect thousands of computers. A browser hijacker is defined as a kind of unwanted software that hijacks your web browser without asking for permission – and this one does change settings to do so. The infection alters the settings for any browsers on your computer (e it will alter your homepage default search settings or install a new toolbar. Once you open your browser it will redirect you to another page, such as, and this might be an indicator that there’s something wrong with your computer . However, you may be able to figure out what the problem is before having to contact authorities).

Here are some points to look for if you feel that your computer is infected with browser hijacker.

  • The default homepage of your browser will be
  • A harmful browser extension of software is installed on your computer
  • The new tab page of your browser will be

What is the purpose of

UberSearch is a search engine that can help you find anything for everything – from finding the best pizza in town to figuring out how many calories are in a serving of chocolate. It’s easy and fast, just like searching on Uber!You spend a lot of your time searching for what you need. We’ve made a search engine that’s so fast, it can get you an answer in seconds. That way, you can get on with what’s important.

It’s not a virus.

Some people think is a virus. It’s not a virus though; it doesn’t contain any malicious code or viruses, and it’s just a search engine that helps users find information about UberIt’s possible to get a lot of useful information about Uber and its services – just do a quick search on the web. If you type “Uber” into your browser’s address bar, you’ll find many helpful pages with links back to this site, will appear at the top of your list of legitimate results. Links to websites like Wikipedia, Google, and Yahoo Answers will also show up on search engine results pages (SERPs).

When you type Uber into your browser, it searches through various websites and tries to match them to your search.If your query doesn’t return anything relevant, it will try again using synonyms or related terms.

How Works? is a search engine that allows users to find websites related to a specific topic or keyword. Users can search for any topic they want, and will show them websites relevant to their query. For example, if someone wanted to find out about cats, they could type “cats” into the search bar at and then press enter or click on “Search.” This will bring up results from different websites that may be useful for learning about cats or finding information about cats online, such as videos about them or articles written about them by experts in the field of zoology which describe how they live in nature (or captivity if they’ve been domesticated).

 Why are you redirected to when you open your browser?

As you have Malware on your system, it is redirecting you to every time you open your browser. These harmful programs usually affect our computers by installing codes from infected website ads or pop-ups.

Fret not; we are here to guide you on how to remove with the aid of these tools.

Removing with MalwareBytes

Trust MalwareBytes to solve your problem. AdwCleaner isn’t working for you? They have an anti-virus scanner with multiple layers of protection against system threats and malware which is why we recommend you install it straightaway to fix any problems you may be having. It also installs a browser extension that protects your internet browsing while enhancing your privacy.

Removing with AdwCleaner

AdwCleaner used to be a stand-alone program that searched and deleted Potentially Unwanted Programs (POP), adware, Toolbars and Browser Hijackers. It was known to be one of the most popular and reliable programs until MalwareBytes purchased it.

Using SpyBot to remove

The Spybot – Search and Destroy is a free anti-spyware program that serves as the perfect solution for people looking for a way to do this.If you need even more protection, we have a premium version which provides a lot of tools and features such as high-end anti-virus scanning, real-time protection and free live customer support.

Use a firewall

This software creates a barrier between the private intranet of your company and the outside world. It informs you if someone tries to enter and monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic.

Install and Use Anti Virus Software that you trust

Most people don’t use any security software on their smartphones, tablets and computers. With so many virus protection options out there, it’s always a good idea to protect your data with an anti-virus software. 

Update your Operating System

You may not feel like you need to update your operating system right now but it is crucial for safety. These updat have been design to reduce the risk of viruse and malware entering your machine.

Set-Up Regular scans

Install trusted anti-virus software and configure regular scans to run automatically. Make sure there are no hitching or other performance issues by setting aside as much memory as possible for the scan process and the computer is not hibernating or turned off.

Use Secure networks to rely on

When using a public network you should always use the safety of a VPN. You should also never share your WiFi SSID with others and create a separate guest account with unique credentials when someone is visiting you.

Be aware of which sites you visit

More than 18 million sites are infected with malware. Torrent sites, and all such sites with pirated material are load with malware. Never open an email from an unknown user; it could be a part of a phishing scam. It is best to scan every file before downloading it, to ensure that you’re not in danger of losing your data or security if you download something.

Keep your personal information secure

Make sure you set your privacy settings to the highest level on all your social media sites. It is important not to give any additional information about yourself, apart from what is publicly available.

Don’t download software from pop-up windows

Pop-up windows may try to get you to download software that promises to protect your computer. They can be one way hackers attempt to enter your system, so politely close the pop-up window and don’t click on it.

These steps will help protect your computer from and other types of viruses, worms, spyware, and adware.

How to Remove

I noticed that wasn’t loading properly on my browser, so I uninstalled it right away. see youtube tutorial that shows you how to remove adware from your PC completely.

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