March 30, 2023

Tom Franco’s wife Julia Lazar Franco

Tom Franco’s wife Julia Lazar Franco cause of death (the artist) married Tom Francois barely a month before she died and although it was a sad event, she died happily, betrothed to the man she loved. Julia had gained fame as Tom’s Franco’s wife, but their marriage didn’t happen until the last year of her life.

Julia Franco (Julian) has enjoyed a well-documented career in the music scene. Early in her life, she was already highly renowned for being the lead vocalist of the rock band Exit. Even though later in life, she gained global fame for being in a relationship with American actor Tom Franco, That’s why her death in August 2014 came as such a shock to fans.

Who is Julia Lazar Franco?

Julia Lazar was born on November 7th, 1957 in Vienna, Austria to Hungarian and Austro-Hungarian descent. She was probably best known as the lead singer of Exit, a very popular rock band. However, she also worked as a camera operator, publicist and manager. Moreover. She was an artist, who caught the attention of many by marrying Tom Franco. They co-founded “The Firehouse Art Co” project together.

Tom Franco’s wife Julia Lazar Franco

Early Life

Julia’s childhood is a complete mystery because there is very little information available to the public. Her only parent, her mother, Marika Nagy was both a cook and an artist. Nagy also drew many memorable paintings & drawings. who was an appreciated movie is believed she inherited her fascination for art from them. While still in Vienna, she met her first love, Richard Schoenherz. After finishing her formal education, the two got married and together they moved to Berlin. They had already entered the artistic world by the time they met a lot of like-minded people from a variety of fields who admired their work and impressed them with their sincere appreciation and acceptance. Especially after being fascinated by music for years, she found it a vital part of her life that influenced her music videos. Exiting that band allowed me to become the lead singer. The band instantly became popular in the area.

Julia’s Soul-searching Quest

After deciding to go on a soul-searching journey in the 90s, Julia ended up at Ganeshpuri and became a monk there. She still cooks for the ashram to this day. It was due to her fascination with plants and herbs that she managed the kitchen, and any other task she had. However, she never referred to it as a job or an obligation – it was a passion. She was so amazed, As a lifelong love of cooking, Julia moved to Paris to study at Cordon Bleu. However, before she could finish her degree, she gave birth to daughter Dawn Schoe and had to come back to the US. and there is no record of Richard marrying, or of their relationship during Julia’s travels.


After graduating, she returned to the US but didn’t want to give up her life in India. Luckily for her, cooking is an international language and there are lots of different places she can find food from around the world! As such, she decided to head out to the Bay Area, Santa Clara Valley in Oakland, where she found her home and started running the kitchen once again. That was where she met her life partner and soulmate, Tom Franco who was working as the co-ordinator of the community’s family household. They started working together in 2003 on making and finding the shelter for families with diverse backgrounds who wanted to join them. They bond over their love of art, participate in various artsy projects and performances led by the San Francisco initiative “Artship Ensemble”. They become close friends and continued their professional collaboration in the following years. In 2005, Tom decided to found the organization ‘Firehouse Art Collective’ which would provide affordable space for artists who would create a culture of collaboration between different disciplines. Franco also chose Julia among many others as one of our f. As Julia and Tom were getting closer, she became his companion and friend, organizing events for the Firehouse Collective. She started exploring photography as well so she took pictures of all their shows. This helped to spread the word about the organisation and more importantly, in increasing the collective’s influence and the collective itself.

Personal Life

Julia and Tom Franco started dating in the 2010s. Their relationship went from being just a romantic connection, to being engaged. They were together for a long time before deciding to get married, but then realised how special their bond was & how much they love each other. They decided that therefore it would be worth enduring the difficulties of age difference wrt marriage. The celebration was held at the hospital as Julia’s illness worsened and she couldn’t leave bed. Tom and their family members, friends, and colleagues made the event beautiful by inviting them.

Tom Franco’s wife Julia Lazar Franco

Cause of Death

Julia died approximately a month after her marriage on the 25th of August, 2014. She contracted a chronic liver disease while she was a teenager, which caused complications in her adult life. She developed liver cancer and hepatitis C in her later years. These chronic conditions led to kidney failure, which was the cause of death.

Net Worth

The exact amount of Julia’s net worth is not known, but sources say that she accumulated and retained close to a $1 million dollars through her career as a musician, photographer, manager and cook. Besides, it is estimated by authoritative sources that his personal worth is of the impressive sum of $10 million.

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